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Aloha: Exploring Hawaii from land and air


I recently spent 10 days in Hawaii, exploring the island of O’ahu with some friends. It really is a photographer’s dream, with a variety of terrain, landscapes and places to hike. Below are a few of my favorite photos — I’ll post more later on.

The above shot was taken at sunset at Eternity Beach at the Hālona Blowhole lookout (actually, Hālona means “lookout” in Hawaiian). Below, I came across these cascades in a stream I crossed while exploring a bamboo forest off Old Pali Road:


Below is another view of Hālona Blowhole Cove. You can see a few tourists up top taking in the view:File453

This photo was taken from a helicopter above Pearl Habor. We were lucky enough to see a double rainbow, with the primary one appearing to come out of Aloha Stadium in Honolulu. The bridge across the harbor is used to access Ford Island and for the shuttle buses to take visitors to the USS Missouri. Near the bridge in the center you can spot the WWII-era submarine, the USS Bowfin:A80G2748

Shark’s Cove on the North Shore was a favorite spot of mine to shoot sunset and longer exposures:A80G0663

Waikiki from above:A80G1773

The popular Hanauma Bay nature preserve, formed thousands of years ago from a volcanic crater. The bay draws 1 million visitors a year who come to snorkel and swim with a variety of tropical fish:A80G1863

These two islands sit off the coast of Makau’u Lookout. They are protected bird sanctuaries. The island on the left is known as Rabbit Island:A80G2004

A good look at the volcanic lava rocks at Shark’s Cove:A80G0740 A80G1156

This was taken at a spot called the Spitting Caves, a cliff in Honolulu where waves get trapped under the rocks and get spit back out into the ocean:File111 File392

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