Some recent work

Amred Forces Bowl triubute - design by Steve Ng, photos by Danny Wild

Been working on some photo illustrations lately, what do you think?

Trent Steelman design - photos and illustration by Danny Wild

Some lacrosse love:

Army lacrosse illustration and photos by Danny Wild

I’ve been slacking on the blog, although I have plenty of images to share — Army’s spring football practice, some lacrosse at UMass and West Point, some Spring Training baseball in Florida coming up next week. Some additional illustrations on Flickr — I have a few more in the works as well.

Army's Andrew Rodriguez last took the field at the 2010 Army spring game. (Danny Wild/USMA)

Some of my Army hockey photos will be featured in the upcoming issue of West Point Magazine, published by the West Point AOG, I’ll try and get some screenshots of that up when it’s available. (Interestingly, I found out recently that the AOG office was created at West Point following the Civil War in an effort to bring alums back together, many of which who fought against each other during the war. Pretty nuts.)

Football-related, I heard Army linebacker Andrew Rodriguez may return for 2011 and may also have a shot at being the first captain of the Corps — pretty exciting on both fronts.

Next week, I’ll be in Palm Beach County, shooting some Cardinals and Marlins spring action.

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  1. These are all awesome, it’s hard to pick just one favorite. I really like the one of Hassin and the lacrosse one.

    Keep up the good work, and even though I’ve already seen the hockey photos, I look forward to seeing them in print!

    1. thanks Dave – I’m looking forward to seeing them in print as well, should be really cool. The article they’re going with follows the team throughout a weekend at home and up in Connecticut

  2. These are awesome.
    The academy is nice enough each year to supply me with football, other sports, and “education” posters for my classroom.
    My kids, here in NH, know little of the academy.
    The posters always start great discussions about what the academy is, where it is, the mission, how get in, and how did I get to be a fan?
    If you ever “publish” any of these posters, I’d like to know.
    I use them as incentives for quality work.
    Thanks for a great site and super photos.

  3. Your illustrations are amazing! My favorite is the Army lacrosse one. Is there anyway I can buy a poster sized print from you? My 9 year old son plays lacrosse and his dream is to play for Army one day and I would love to have this framed for his room. Please let me know if that is possible. Keep up the fantastic work!

    🙂 Kay

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