Army sports ACU camo uniforms, destroys VMI for fifth victory

Seniors Sean Westphal, Stephen Anderson and Kingsley Ehie celebrate Saturday's win over VMI at West Point. (Danny Wild/USMA)

Here’s a few quick photos, I’m still in Hoffman Pressbox at Michie Stadium, which is pretty much empty.

Army fans will probably be interested in the new ACU camo-print uniforms the team wore today. I knew they’d be in camo earlier this week, but I actually assumed they’d be the ones from 2008 worn against Navy (with a black top). The consensus on the field was that everyone really liked them. Stephen Anderson, Army’s senior captain, spoke about them in the post-game press conference and said the team was pumped to suit up.

The Donovan Travis-Jordan Trimble pick-six was incredible to see in person. I’m sure it looked like he was toast on TV, it sure did on the field, and then in a blink, Trimble had it and was off. Trent Steelman was on the bench during that moment and looked miserable, but as soon as Trimble landed in the endzone, he suddenly was all smiles.

Army needs one more win for a bowl game.

The full recap from West Point is up with my photo of Jared Hassin, take a look.

I’ll post some more photos later on — although Army has some of mine up, including some of the cadet review.

Jared Hassin had another huge game for Army on the ground. (Danny Wild/USMA)

Update: Here’s some additional photos from Saturday:

Cadets march in the Superintendent's Review on The Plain infront of Washington Hall at the US Military Academy. (Danny Wild/USMA)

This was my first cadet review, believe it or not. I tried to get to the parade before Army’s home opener in September, but arrived too late. Since it begins at 9am and you need to take a shuttle bus from the parking lots down to The Plain, you really have to arrive early… and I’m not a morning person. I made it, somehow, and I’m glad I did — what a great scene. The cadet review is among the most traditional, historic and cherished ritual at the Academy, and after blowing my chance last month, I had this day circled on the calendar as I knew it would offer the best autumn foliage. Using a Kevlin temperate custom white balance between 7000-8000 helped warm the images and bring out the great colors in the trees.

Cadets march in a review before the game. (Danny Wild)

You can imagine, the cadet reviews are the definition of photogenic. You can just point your camera and focus and you’ll likely find a cool image.

Cadets march in review. (Danny Wild)
Cadets, left, and Brig. General William E. Rapp, Commadant of the Corps of Cadets, watch as a parachute team member descends onto The Plain following a cadet parade, or review. (Danny Wild/USMA)

I really love this above shot. BG Rapp posted his photos on facebook, although I think I had a better angle. I’m not totally sure who the group of cadets to the left are — most likely the cadet leadership — but the line in the back is the USMA Class of 1985. You can also see the new library in the background. A low morning sun was a nice touch, and the smoke trail from a jet flying by was warped a bit with the fisheye lens… pretty neat.

On to the game:

Cadets rush to form a line for the incoming Army football team. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Steve Erzinger got the honors of carrying the American flag, while senior OL Jason Johnson held a flag of the Army's Special Forces as the team takes the field. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Army's recipe for success: Trent Steelman gives the ball to FB sensation Jared Hassin. (Danny Wild/USMA)
All Army players wore a decal on their helmets in honor of Rutgers player Eric LeGrand, who was paralyzed after a hit in Army's last game. The hit broke Malcolm Brown's collar bone, and while Brown was inactive, he was on the sidelines in good spirits. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Steelman and the cadets took to the air much more against VMI than in previous games. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Hassin has become Steelman's favorite target in the passing game. (Danny Wild/USMA)

The Corps of Cadets opted to wear the Army ACU combat uniforms in place of the usual USMA dress gray look. It made for a unique background:

Pat Mealy is all smiles following Army's pick-six. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Steelman plots his next play. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Alex Carlton was solid on the day for Army. Here, he's congratulated by Kolin Walk. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Col. Dan Ragsdale is retiring, so you can understand him squeezing in as much excitement as possible in his remaining football Saturdays. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Josh McNary served as captain for the second time this season. He was voted a captain earlier last week. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Jared Hassin carried a few Keydets along for the ride on a touchdown run in the second quarter. (Danny Wild/USMA)

The game was pitched as Military Appreciation Day, although basically every game has that theme… this one, being against VMI, had the official title. Perfect weather and nice autumn foliage for this shot.

I was chatting with a cadet up here about how VMI wears nearly the exact same gray uniforms as West Point — pretty weak. He says to me, “what’s the similarities between cadets at West Point and VMI? Both applied to West Point.”

The academy put on a nice halftime show with a band, speech and this huge American flag. The band plays theme songs for all the military branches; both my grandfathers served in the Coast Guard during World War II, so it’s very cool to hear the USCG theme.

The USMA band performs on Blaik Field. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Cadets held a "super flag" during halftime. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Dayvd Brooks glances at the sidelines. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Josh McNary grabs the phone during a break. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Steve Erzinger rides a stationary bike on the Army sidelines. (Danny Wild/USMA)
How the heck did Donovan Travis escape tacklers in his incredible interception return? (Danny Wild/USMA)
Jordan Trimble races to the endzone after catching a lateral from Donovan Travis following a pick. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Jason Johnson is one of my favorite players to shoot, he always has a great expression. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Pat Mealy is all smiles following Army's pick-six. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Trent Steelman wears a wrist band, and I'm not sure if it's a joke or not -- it says "Failure is not an option." Get it? (Danny Wild/USMA)
Army's second-team defense finished off the game, with Reggie Nesbit getting a sack and enjoying the moment. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Stephen Anderson could not look more proud as he sprints toward the Corps. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Captain Stephen Anderson leads the celebration, screaming "BEAT NAVY" after Army's Alma Mater. Also seen here, L-R: Waverly Washington, Max Jenkins, Richard King, Donovan Travis, Kingsley Ehie, Sean Westphal, Steve Erzinger. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Seth Reed smiles during the win. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Head coach Rich Ellerson joined his team in celebrating the win. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Stephen Anderson and Kingsley Ehie celebrate after the game. Ehie, also a linebacker, saw most of the playing time in the second half. (Danny Wild/USMA)

Additional photos can be found on my Flickr page.

So, what did you think? Any predictions on how the rest of the schedule plays out in terms of making a bowl? Navy was getting steamrolled by Duke but fought back, only to lose by three to a Blue Devils team that entered the game with one victory. Air Force also lost, although it was to undefeated No. 8 Utah. All three service academies have five wins now.

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  2. These are hands down the BEST new uniforms in College Football!!!!

    Man are these things great! Soldiers in the field and Soldiers on the Field!! WOW

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  4. All I’ve seen is positive feedback and love for these uniforms so far. It was a secret up until gameday, though

  5. Don’t let my VMI alumni status dissuade you from reason on this, but those USMA uniforms are total doo-doo. It has been determined that the ACU pattern was, from the beginning, a mistake/disaster/”Uh…. let’s just pick something.” It doesn’t work and is a liability to all of us currently serving “in the field.”

    They are indicative of the asinine fools who make all of the spectacular decisions that result in a “Mission Accomplished,” here, and abroad.

    Also, they are ugly.

    Rah, Virginia Mil! (Just kidding. I hate that place.)

  6. I think the the uniforms look pretty cool. That being said, I decided to go to VMI over West Point after my S-5 weekend, or whatever it is called, as I couldn’t stand the attitude- much to my parents chargrin (sp).

    Rah Virginia Mil!

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