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“[Army football is] where you belong! Love all you capture in your photos!”

“Amazing! Just fantastic! The time you must put into these [photos]; I’m so envious of the talent. It’s so beautiful!”

“Danny is the official Army football photographer and I’ve admired exactly [the athleticism, pain and joy] about his work for years! The emotion of the moments are truly magnified to me!”

“Danny Wild is a straight up professional!! Awesome pictures!”

“Danny, your photos are magnificent. I am so grateful for the few you took of my 2014 grad.”

“Outstanding work, Danny! West Point is lucky to have you!”

“Your passion and dedication for capturing photographic moments from the football field to the splendor and mystery of nature have continued to inspire me and remind me of the beauty around us.”

“Every sport, every profession needs a gold standard. A standard others can measure themselves against the best. For photography that gold standard is Danny Wild.”

“When I cannot get up to Minnewaska State Park, I just have to look at Danny Wild’s photos and I am transported there!”

“Danny Wild is not only an awesome photographer, he is a genuinely great guy who has, in recent years, has captured images of some of the most poignant moments in Army sports.”

“Danny has an uncanny ability to capture the underlying emotion on display in his sports photography. His talent of finding the simple passion, or true joy of the athlete, is amazing. Emotion in every shot. Truly amazing.”

“Danny is a highly talented photographer who documents events in a way that goes beyond preserving moments in time. He captures the spirit and passion of moments with a phenomenal balance of technically sound exposures and creative compositions that offers enjoyment to casual observers and demanding professional editors.”


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