Yankees host Brewers

The Yankees hosted Milwaukee for an interleague game at the end of June at Yankee Stadium — CC Sabathia out-pitched Randy Wolf and Mark Teixeira slugged his 300th career home run in the Yanks’ win. Here’s a look at some of my photos from the day, along with some more on Flickr

Shooting Prince Fielder was a nice bonus — not only is he an elite player right now, but he’s also an interesting subject with the beard and tattoos — something we don’t often see from those in pinstripes.

Ryan Braun was another star slugger on Milwaukee I had a chance to see in person.

Randy Wolf started for the Brewers — he’s got an unusual rule in the Majors that applies basically to him: his brother, umpire Jim Wolf, is prohibited from umpiring a game at the plate when Randy is on the mound. Luckily, Jim wasn’t on the crew this day — Fieldin Culbreth, crew chief Gary Cedarstrom and Triple-A fill-in Alan Porter had the bases along with Adrian Johnson at the plate.

I took this image during the seventh inning stretch with a fisheye lens — it was tricky to expose, as you can see — very dark in the dugout but bleached out sunlight on the field.

Mark Teixeira hit his 300th homer on this day. I love getting batting shots when you can see the dirt flying up from the plate.

Another attempt with the fisheye, Triple-A call-up Mat Gamel played nice and flipped a ball to a fan right infront of my lens.

Randy Wolf walks off the field after an inning. On this shot, I put the camera out on the ground.

Rickie Weeks would soon be named an All-Star after I shot this game. He struggled in the home run derby, but he has a great swing, especially to shoot.

John Axford is, or was, Milwaukee’s closer, at least until the team acquired Francisco Rodriguez the following week.

I always like to snap a frame of the bases — most fans probably don’t know that bases are changed every three innings, regardless of usage. Sounds dumb? The Yankees auction these off, so nine bases a game translates into more money for the team. The bases are all marked with holograms for authenticity, too.

Prince Fielder has a tough swing to capture in that one hand always tends to block his face, especially from the first-base well. I finally got him recoiling to admire a fly ball here:

Jorge Posada got some action, and it was nice to shoot him after missing him during so many of the day games I’ve shot in the past. Shooting anyone at second base at the stadium provides a perfect background.

Eduardo Nunez has a funky swing as he sort of steps forward after making contact, his arms flying up.

Corey Hart, killing my fantasy team.

Rafael Betancourt takes a hack.

Ramiro Pena, who recently went down with an appendectomy, looked like he was in pain everytime he swung and missed.

Here’s Teixeira watching his 300th sail out to left.

Andruw Jones got the start in left — Jones is one of only four players in Major League history with 10 Gold Gloves and 400 home runs. I believe Ken Griffey Jr. and Willie Mays are two of the other three.

Shooting from first base helps produce these nice portraits of batters chugging up the line.

CC Sabathia was his usual dominant self, getting a standing ovation when he left around the seventh.

Dugout lighting at it’s best here:

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