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This has been the windiest winter I can ever remember, which translates into me not really wanting to walk around Manhattan with my frozen hands on my iPhone. But I’ve soldiered through it all and snapped some more street photography around the West Village on my walk to work. Plus, I have a bonus photo below, taken at a place I’ve always wanted to visit.

This one may look a little weird, it’s actually a stencil of a woman’s face painted into the sidewalk on Greenwich Street. I don’t know what comes out of that drainage pipe, but I wouldn’t want it to hit my face:

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Looking up an old building facade on Greenwich:

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Here’s the corner of Avenue of the America’s (6th Ave) and W. 14th St. This building houses an Urban Outfitters on the ground floor:

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A creepy, old door on Greenwich which looks creepier from the Snapseed editing I did:

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Not a city shot, just my Dodge Challenger at the train station before work:

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Some pigeons taking flight with an Instagram willow filter. Love the feel of that filter:

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My office, Chelsea Market, which is now my sister’s office too (she was hired last week by MLB.com. Wild domination.)

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The 14th St Apple store with Chelsea Market and Google Downtown in the background:

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I took this one from the train in Hackensack, NJ. Another willow filter:

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Where is this? It’s 21 Stone Castle Rd., in Rock Tavern, NY, home of Paul Jr. Designs. American Chopper is (was) one of my favorite shows and Paul Jr. was easy to root for the last few years not only because he and his bikes kick ass, but also his situation with his father, Paul Sr., was easy to relate to. My dad bailed on his family and also threatened me twice with legal action over complete nonsense, so seeing that kind of stuff play out on TV hit home for me. Anyway, this is Paul Jr’s shop, which is closed to the public but nevertheless was a thrill for me to be at. The exterior shots like this are very recognizable to fans of the show, which was canceled this past fall. (Hoping it gets reborn on Velocity):

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