Through the rain

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The weather in New York has been pretty gross lately. A lot of rainy days and cold, windy mornings combined with a pair of solid snow storms. Seriously, this has to be the windiest winter I can remember. Here’s a look at some recent Instagram prints.

I’ve worked from home a few days this winter due to snow, which is a nice changeup from the train and commute. During our biggest storm, I figured it was time to pull out the “Snowed In” scented candle from Bath & Body Works:

dannywild_instagram_march (2)

On a sunnier day in Manhattan, looking north on Avenue of the Americas:

dannywild_instagram_march (3)

A foggy morning in the Meadowlands near MetLife Stadium:

dannywild_instagram_march (4)

Pouring rain in Manhattan on 7th Ave:

dannywild_instagram_march (5)

dannywild_instagram_march (6)

My Dodge on a rare sunny day:

dannywild_instagram_march (7)

This is a metal company and small-town beer brewery in Pearl River, NY, but looks like it could be a scene from The Walking Dead:

dannywild_instagram_march (8)

Chelsea Market on 9th Ave:

dannywild_instagram_march (9)

OK, some sunnier, happier-looking shots of Manhattan:






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