Postseason with the iPhone 5

Last night I tried the iPhone 5’s new panoramic camera feature at Yankee Stadium during Game 4 of the ALDS. I’m impressed, the quality and sharpness of the images this phone produces is pretty awesome. Here’s a couple examples I took around the 8th inning.

The only issue I experienced with this was the exposure — to take the pano image, you point your phone off to the left side (let’s say, 9 on a clock) and slowly turn around in an arc to capture the scene. So with it being a night game, the phone exposed for the darkened seating area on the left and as a result, sometimes the field came out really overexposed. Basically, I couldn’t quite take a super wide panoramic without blowing out the field. The two shots here though are pretty wide-angle though, with zero distortion or weird stitching issues. How the iPhone does it, I have no idea, but it comes out seamless like it was from a super wide-angle lens.

Click each image to view it larger!

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  2. Would it be possible for you to provide permission for my son to print and use a couple of you photos for a book report display board? We would appreciate it very much!

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