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Mohonk Mountain House 8314 024

I finally had a chance to explore Mohonk’s well-known summer flower gardens this past weekend, something I’ve actually never seen despite all my trips up to this incredible place. All these cool flowers disappear once autumn rolls in, but you can see them now through early September I’m guessing. This year’s theme is “South of the Border,” and Mohonk will be holding an annual “Garden Holiday” in the last weekend of August. Here’s a quick look at some of what I saw:Mohonk Mountain House 8314 001

Mohonk does a better job than I could of describing their garden:

Acclaimed among Hudson Valley gardens, our gardens date back to the time when Mohonk’s founder Albert K. Smiley nurtured his first plants on a rocky mountaintop. When the property surrounding the Mountain House was purchased in 1869, the rugged pitch pine and laurel reached to the doorstep of the original building.

The long history of the gardens’ creation began with a few struggling blossoms near the lake shore.

Mohonk’s upstate New York gardens were designed to fit into the picturesque or romantic style of landscape gardening: irregular in form, with variety and boldness of composition, and scenery of a more rugged nature.

Our gardens reflect the influence of the French and Italian, but mostly English styles of landscaping from the mid-19th century. Although growing things are never static, the landscape still possesses many of the characteristics familiar in that period. Albert Smiley’s design intent has been maintained as the gardens have matured and evolved.

In 1998, a Victorian maze was added next to the Rose Garden, providing old-fashioned entertainment for the gardens’ visitors.

Mohonk Mountain House 8314 002 Mohonk Mountain House 8314 011 Mohonk Mountain House 8314 020 Mohonk Mountain House 8314 029 Mohonk Mountain House 8314 034 Mohonk Mountain House 8314 046 Mohonk Mountain House 8314 053

After the garden, it was time to hit the lake. Here’s a panorama from inside one of the old wooden rowboats:

Mohonk lake pano

Mohonk Mountain House from Lake

You can learn more about Mohonk on their website, or, what I would suggest: go there.

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