Football season is coming

College football season is¬†finally¬†coming into focus after the sport got dragged through the Penn State scandal all offseason. I’m excited though, as Wednesday is media day at West Point and the Army team returns to practice.

Assuming I can wake up in time for Coach E’s 7 am workouts (which I could use, honestly), I’ll try and get to some upcoming practices at Foley. Last we met, it was late February and the roster had been shook up a bit with players trying new positions.

But before I get to an Army season preview, I wanted to highlight a couple photos I had picked up on CBS Sports this week in their Big East position breakdown. Two of my photos, including South Florida receiver Sterling Griffin (above) and UConn linebacker Sio Moore, made the predicted All-Big East team story.

Plus last week I took a portrait at Yankee Stadium for a feature we ran on on Monday.

What are you looking forward to with this upcoming Army football season? Who do you think will emerge in the final season for several key seniors?

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  1. This is what i want to do… this is what i want to be. Particularly covering football, but also basketball and baseball. I’m only 15, but this has been my dream forever. I’m dreaming big and I don’t want to let this slip out of my hands. Right now, I’m doing a project for my personal finance class, and i happened upon this page.. There’s been points where I felt like I couldn’t do this, but this page reminded me that this is what I’m going to do with y life. People may knock me down, but seeing and taking pictures will always bring me right back on my feet. Inbox me sometime!!! I’d love your advice and tips, and maybe just to chat; I’m not a crazed fan, I can assure you, just a girl with a dream.

    1. If that’s your goal, stick with it! Get involved in high school and college, get published and get experienced! -D

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