Big smiles at West Point graduation

Army football captain Carson Homme (center) and 1,030 other 2nd Lieutenants throw their caps in the air after graduating from West Point. (Danny Wild/USMA)

A great thrill today to see many great men and women graduate from West Point, including a bunch of the academy’s outstanding athletes that I’ve covered over the last few years. 1,031 cadets were commissioned officers today at the U.S. Military Academy’s historic Michie Stadium following a speech from the highest ranking uniformed officer in the U.S. military, Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Army football’s Zach Peterson, now half the size and due to get married next week, receives his diploma. (Danny Wild/USMA)

Army Athletic Association trophy winner Jeremy Boltus (lacrosse) salutes Admiral Mike Mullen. (Danny Wild/USMA)
One of the most decorated players in Army football history, Josh McNary, the program’s all-time sack leader, recieves his diploma from Brig. General William E. Rapp. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Matt Campbell, Army’s kickoff specialist (left) catches up with punter Jonathan Bulls (center) and captain Carson Homme. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Army hockey’s Drew Pierson. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Army football quarterback Chip Bowden. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Army football’s Sean Westphal. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Army hockey’s Chris Spracklen. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Army football lineman Seth Reed smiles after receiving his diploma. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Army football running back Pat Mealy couldn’t stop smiling. (Danny Wild/USMA)


Football offensive lineman Anees Merzi salutes his grandfather, a Marine Corp Vietnam vet, in a pinning ceremony at the Kimsey Center. (Danny Wild/USMA)

Congrats again to all! More photos here.


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