Armed Forces Bowl week: Day 2

Army's trio of quarterbacks, senior Chip Bowden (10), sophomore Trent Steelman (8) and junior Max Jenkins walk off the field at Kennedale High School following Monday's practice. (Danny Wild/USMA)

Army ran a lot of passing drills today at Kennedale High School on Monday, putting in about two hours on a chilly, windy morning in Texas. The team hit the gym for a bit afterwards, with coach Rich Ellerson stressing the importance of being healthy heading into Thursday’s big game.

QB Trent Steelman gets his cleats taped before practice. (Danny Wild/USMA)

One of the highlights of the day was the post-dinner comedy improv show the team attended in Fort Worth — Richard King took a lot of heat for walking into the act late, and perhaps the biggest roar from the team came when one of the entertainers pulled a notecard with “50” written on it, commenting, “he must be a benchwarmer.”

Fullback Jared Hassin chats with Austin Barr during Monday's practice. (Danny Wild/USMA)

The practices have been spirited and upbeat — there’s definitely no sense of pressure looming over this team. They are loose and confident and prepared to take on SMU this week, with even the coaches in good moods. The two-hour practice today was followed by about an hour of the team watching video of the workout back in the hotel before Jared Hassin, Donnie Dixon and Steve Erzinger spoke briefly with a reporter.

Rich Ellerson talks with Jarrett Mackey during practice Monday. (Danny Wild/USMA)
Trent Steelman (right) and Josh Jones talk with ITT Knight Vision's Rick Johnston at Billy Bob's Texas on Sunday. (Danny Wild/USMA)

Lots more photos here on Army’s website. The team will practice early again on Tuesday, with several players attending charitable events honoring returning veterans and visiting a children’s hospital.

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