A winter hike through Minnewaska

Minnewaska 122113 065

This year is coming to an end, and it made me realize how much better it was — at least by comparison — to 2012. I made an effort this year to get outside and enjoy nature and explore the mountains, so the first day of winter, Dec. 21, seemed like a good cap to an enjoyable stretch of hiking. Hope everyone has a great holiday season and enjoys the New Year! Thanks for stopping by my page!

I started Saturday morning outside of New Paltz on Butterville Road, re-visiting three red barns that all offer some nice rustic postcard scenes. The first is patrolled by a group of donkeys which love visitors:

Minnewaska 122113 030

Down the road is this picturesque red barn that looks out at the ridge and Mohonk. I did two different edits on these shots, with more of a bluer, colder look on the second:

Minnewaska 122113 092 Minnewaska 122113 114Up at Minnewaska, the crowds of October and early November were gone. It was a very quiet walk on the Beacon Hill Carriageway out to the peak, seen below:

Minnewaska 122113 174 Minnewaska 122113 185 Minnewaska 122113 214

At the cliffs of Lake Minnewaska, the icy water below was full of reflections, cracks and unique winter patterns of snow and ice:

Minnewaska 122113 250 Minnewaska 122113 272

Down below, the quiet, gentle Awosting Falls I came to know and love this past autumn was suddenly a loud, raging waterfall of ice and mist and snow. Much of the pool down here has frozen over, and a large hill of snow and ice has formed at the bottom of the waterfall, creating a giant hole for the water to disappear into:

Minnewaska 122113 429

A video of this scene:

On the hike down to the waterfall, icicles melted and dripped off the rocks with the unseasonably warm temperatures.

Minnewaska 122113 539

I found this tiny mountain creek flowing down through the rocks and trees:

Minnewaska 122113 575

Atop Awosting, I found a completely different scene than I saw a month or so earlier:

Minnewaska 122113 581 1Here’s a comparison, from October to December:

Minnewaska State Park Preserve 581

The Peters Kill flows through ice and rocks:

Minnewaska 122113 599 Minnewaska 122113 597

Down below the waterfall, the stream makes its way through a layer of snow:

Minnewaska 122113 401

The lone gazebo at Minnewaska, overlooking a frozen lake. There isn’t much snow here on the ground, but the path up was wet and icy with an inch or so of snow:

Minnewaska 122113 390

Looking south:

Minnewaska 122113 313And looking straight down:

Minnewaska 122113 295 Minnewaska 122113 288A few more comparisons from autumn to winter, just to put these into perspective:

Beacon Hill lookout:

Beacon Hill

Minnewaska lake loop:New Paltz 102713 1252

Awosting Falls, September and December:Awosting Falls before and after

Mohonk barn on Butterville Road in October and December:

barn autumnMinnewaska 122113 114

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  1. Admiring your photography – learning from your composition. Good article. Minnewaska is just one gem in the area – just a short trip from NYC, to boot.

    1. Thanks Peter, appreciate that! And yeah, Minnewaska is a great place, lots to see and you can always find different trails to take. I’m looking forward to going up again when the weather isn’t so harsh

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