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Mohonk Mountain House, on the Lake Mohonk, dates back to 1862 and is a national historic landmark in the town of New Paltz, NY. (Photo: Danny Wild)

So I was tipped off that some show I’d never heard of (“Anthony Bordain: No Reservations”) which had an episode partly focusing on Mohonk and New Paltz… Mohonk is pretty much my favorite place ever. The show ran on the Travel Channel and features a lot of the Hudson River valley, including afternoon tea at Mohonk. And Bill Murray. Amazing.

But anyway, Mohonk is an incredible place, one which I have spent many days with great people. And I’ve taken a few photos there and created this book of some of my favorite photos.

Mohonk offers miles of beautiful hiking trails for beginners to experts. (Photo: Danny Wild)

To see more of my photos of Mohonk (besides buying my book), you can check them out here on Flickr.

In other news, consider this a little plug for my story that ran today on MiLB.com about the relationship between Minor League teams and old Negro League clubs. February is Black History Month and I really enjoyed digging up some facts and stories for this feature that highlights one of the most famed Negro League teams of the 20th century, the Birmingham Black Barons, who played at Rickwood Field, the oldest ballpark in America.

Hey if you have any suggestions and requests for stuff I should showcase here on the blog, leave me a note and let me know! I could do Mohonk everyday…


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  1. hi danny, i have a 1916 souvenir of the lake mohonk baseball association. If this dates back to 1862, i have a baseball that may have been used before this date. reason why, my mothers family was from woodstock, ny and one of her family played in this league. her madian name was howland,he also was a howland, played right field. i’ve been trying to figure out where the baseball came from and i believe it’s before 1855, there’s no hard core in the center, so maybe town ball?? i’d like to hear from you and can tell you more about the booklet. thanks, chef joe sapone

    1. Hey Joe! Very cool. I would suggest contacting the hotel, they have a small wing of the building near the spa that actually has some old items from that time period, including baseball photos and equipment used by guests back then. Try info@mohonk.com, they may have a historian or someone more familiar with those types of items. Mohonk (the hotel) was founded in 1869, so if it’s from before that, it may not be related to the hotel. Hope that helps!


  2. Hi Danny, I just came across this site googling Lake Mohonk baseball. I too just bought a photo of the 1916 team, and will probably follow up with Joe Sapone also.

    I’m a baseball historian (mostly Hudson Valley) & SABR member. I did a bit of research into early Black baseball in the area as well, and spoke at Adriance Library last year for the Pride & Passion exhibit. Have spoken about the Cuban Giants, Cuban X Giants & NY (& Newburgh) Gorhams probably the first 3 African-American teams to play in this area.

    I also have a photo of a game in progress with African Americans in Springtown in 1911 which I have been researching with little success. Very possibly, workers on the Catskill Aqueduct. Seems we have some similar interests

    Bob (845-28-0726)

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